The Cabins

The villa itself has 7 cabins with unique designs and a different ambiance. Each will pamper you with a different relaxing experience. There are Earth, Wind, Wood, Water, Turtle, Starfish and Seahorse Cabins managed exclusively by Divine Villas Bali. 

Earth cabin is on the ground floor of the only two-story house where Wind cabin is on the upper level benefiting from a steady ocean breeze and overlooking the rice paddies. Wood Cabin itself is an actual wooden Joglo from Java located east corner of the house. The Water cabin has a mural painting of a fishing boat, reminiscent of the fishing tradition of the surrounding communities. Turtle, Starfish, and Seahorse cabins are in different compounds with also Joglo style.  

Please click on each of the pictures below to find out more about our villas and what we offer. 

The Social House

The social house is newly finished hostel with the same Cabin setting. All wooden material create natural ambiance and the luxury King Koil bedding ensure comfort and sleep quality.

Situated 300 m from the Nelayan Beach or 500 m from the Old Mans Surf Camp is a perfect place to hide yet in a Surf Town.

All room with A/C and ceiling fan. Kitchen is set outside near swimming pool for common use. Free wi-fi and scooter parking area.